The Existential       Traveller

By My Acts I Begin 
      to Define 
         Who I Am
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     The Existential Traveller

                      BRIDGING BORDERS SINCE 1984

                                               explore your dreams......

                                       enhance your mind....

                                       enrich your soul......


The Existential Traveller's hosted privaate cultural adventure tours explore art, archaeology, history, and music.  You will travel in a camel caravan, tour by jeep through the desert, sail over Mediterranean waters or through Mediterranean skies.    Tour ancient jungle kingdoms.  Meet local artists.  Discover past civilizations dating to 6500 BC. Enjoy culinary arts of the world.  View vast museum treasures - art ,jewelry, textiles, archaeology and uncover unknown treasures in yourself.  Volunteer and travel.    Discover crowded, noisy, colorful bazaars, quiet majestic deserts, ancient jungle civilizations ...the ocean's roar... the buzz of people   cultural heritage and history, artisans, culinary arts, heart's desires and real people  

                               Discover the world;  

                                    discover yourself

                                   I took the road 

                                   less traveled by

                                  and that has made                                                        

                                   all the difference

                                               Robert Frost

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 Services                             I Think   
                                        Therefore I Am   
                                                Rene Descartes