The Existential       Traveller

                  Our Volunteers
         We accept English speakers
         Volunteer to teach abroad             Volunteer Travel
         Volunteer teaching abroad
         language learning a bonus    
        Experience in communication
        education, videography and
         interpersonal interaction
        other skills such as IT             design and
       home improvement.

             What we Require
         A desire to assist students
       and teachers in this project
        An open mind eager to share
       your culture and absorb the
       Moroccan culture in daily
       conversations of cultural
       A minimum volunteer commit-
       ment of 2 weeks
        Respect for cultural norms
        Adherence to class schedules
        Most classes are in evenings
        so there's lots of free time
       during the day to explore
       and learn

            What we Offer
      Participation in a proven
      successful program teaching
     Cultural exchange learning
      Immersion in local culture and
      Travel through the country
       after the minimum 2 week
       volunteer period with local
      experts and experienced
      travel professionals at               reduced cost
      Free lessons in Moroccan
      Arabic for volunteers in the
      program for at least 1 month
      Shared accommodation in a
       apartment near school
       Free WIFI at school

       Volunteer to Teach and


 Teach English Abroad

                                         and  Travel   

                                           TEACH     LEARN    TRAVEL

Share your English language skills in the fascinating city of Casablanca, Morocco. Volunteer to teach English; travel like a professional.  Volunteer English writers, videographers and educators enjoy a wealth of color, music and creativity.  And  experience cultural exchange with Moroccan students and teachers and absorb the history, culture, creativity and diversity of Morocco.  Teaching and learning abroad
Volunteer to teach English abroad.  Our students are diverse sharing  a commitment to achieving proficiency in the English language.  Highly motivated students present a special opportunity to teachers, educators and language learners.   Conversations with the students opens doors to sharing your English skills, learning other languages and extensive cultural exchange.  Volunteer to teach English and learn to open doors to a new world experience.  Volunteer teachers
      Volunteer teachers Sharing your English language skills opens many doors to cultural exchange, learning and understanding.   Teach English as a volunteer and experience travel, exploration and learning.  A diverse country, Morocco provides many opportunities for expanded insight into the cultures of Europe, Africa and the Arab world combined in a unique blend of history and tradition  Its a treasure trove for photographers, writers and videographers.   Living and working as a volunteer teacher presents many opportunities not available to tourists.   Volunteer teachers and Educators will observe teaching methods first hand and contribute to the unique environment of our classrooms. Volunteer photographers and videographers will relish the intense diversity and beauty of this country.  Opportunities for cultural exchange are limitless. Volunteer travel is an excellent way to expand your world experiences while contributing your skills in a meaningful fashion.  Teach and travel.  Volunteer travel offers in depth experiential travel and unequaled cultural exchange opportunities.  Teaching English and learning Moroccan Arabic offers an extraordinary opportunity to combine your passion to share your skills as a volunteer with learning another language at no cost Specialized exotic travel focusing on the geographic and cultural diversity of the country.   Volunteer to teach English abroad

                    Teach   Learn  Travel  Volunteer

Volunteers share an apartment near the school with a single bed, sheets, pillow and blankets.    There is a bath with shower and hot water, a kitchen with fridge, stovetop and cookware.  Food, items of personal hygiene etc must be provided by the volunteer.   There is a housekeeper once a week who, in keeping with Moroccan tradition, prepares couscous for volunteers on Friday free of charge.  Volunteers must respect the established guidelines for residence in the school's apartment. 

                               Administrative Items
A valid passport must be presented to the school on arrival with emergency contact information.