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the snake charmer marrakech
zillij the sumptuous Moroccan tilework



Few countries offer the stark contrasts in nature, cultures and beauty of Morocco  From the majestic Atlantic Ocean to the vast emptiness of the Sahara to the incomparable Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has it all.   Fertile plains adjoin the beauty of the empty Sahara.  The Atlantic coastline joins the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. As you journey through the great Roman and Islamic cities, the European beauty of Casablanca with its fusion of architechture and decor, the remote kasbahs and ksour, we will study Morocco’s 6,000 years of archaeology, art and architecture. You will absorb the rich cultural heritage and fascinating traditions forged from the heritage of the Amazigh, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Portuguese, French and Spanish, all of whom have called this country home. The tour emphasizes medieval Islamic Morocco and the Cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakech, rulers of the vast empire from Andalusia to Timbuktu.  Your extensive tour touches all aspects of Moroccan history and culture and the influences each exerted on present day life.  You will also enjoy many other aspects of this enchanting country, including modern mosques, desert dunes, awe-inspiring canyons and waterfalls,  beautiful handicrafts displayed in sumptuous bazaars and everywhere, superb Moroccan cuisine and most important hospitable people to welcome all travellers.

2019 is the year for Morocco.   Arts, Food, Cultures, Your incredible volunteer traveller opportunity begins in Morocco in January.   Inquire now


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