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                           JORDAN CULTURE AND NATURE

         The River Jordan
The Gulf of Aqaba
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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of delightful contrasts - timeless ancient sites which transcend centuries to meld with an energetic modernity, vast landscapes of mountains, deserts, and wetlands,  and warm hospitable people who cherish their  historic culture while greeting guests with open arms. Our cultural tours open these doors and opens our minds to the treasures of Jordan
and its many UNESCO world heritage sites.
We travel from Amman, city of 19 hills, through Graeco-Roman sites such as Jerash, Ottoman and Crusader desert castles to the rich Dana Biosphere Reserve and the historical sites along the Jordan River to Petra, "the rose red city half as old as time" and  to the tented camps of Wadi Rum with  vast desert landscapes of caves, rock carvings and incredible sunsets. 

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