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from Persia to Iran

                   5000 years of Art and Artisans

                                 Ancient Persia           

The ancient land, Persia, has been inhabited since approximately 9000BC.

Persia was the first  global empire, uniting multiple cultures into one.

The richness of these cultures provides us with a fascinating view of the ancient world and its people, rulers, and conquerors.  We visit Tehran - the National Museum. the Carpet Museum, Golestan Palace, Isfahan a UNESCO world heritage site, the ancient city of Susa , Shiraz, the city of Haifez and the site of Persepolis  In Yazd we learn of Zoroastrianism.  We view rock carvings of antiquity and bazaars filled with people and goods.  Iran is a fascinating country, friendly people and  many wonders of ancient civilizations.

         Our journey begins in Tehran, bustling, enormous capital of present

day Iran.  We visit Golestan Palace, a Qajar Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site. the teeming central bazaar, and the incredible Crown Jewels Museum.  Departing to Ahwaz,  we visit Achaemenid palaces and ziggurats then to beautiful Shiraz city of Roses and  Nightengales, home of Haifez  beloved Persian poet and philosopher and then to Persepolis, Achaemenid city fantastic capital of Darius the First and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Following a visit to Kerman, we travel to Yazd home of Zoroastrianism , an ancient eastern religion through Iran and India; FireTemple and Temple of Silence.  Esfahan, a UNESCO World Heritage site offers discovery and exploration at every turn.  Then through Kashan to Tehran for our flight home.

Discover rock carvings and bas reliefs, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, archaeological wonders, creative artisans, teeming cities, snow capped mountains

vast deserts, clear rivers and streams, gleaming palaces and small villages.

Discover Iran.


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